Masters programme in Technology & Security

Eticas in partnership with the University of Girona and in collaboration with The Share Foundation is offering two Master Degree programs in Technology & Security and Technology & Privacy, beginning next February 2017.

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100% online and non-presential, these programs allow access to the possibility of a doctorate.
~~ Master Degree in Technology and Privacy ~~
In the realm of privacy and data protection, the emergence of a Europeanized data protection framework and the rapid growth of IT-enabled data surveillance and mining mean that the management of privacy is now increasingly professionalized. Chief Privacy Officers, Privacy managers and technologists are now commonplace across the private sector as well as in public authorities. Privacy policies remain unevenly implemented, and there is a growing need and high demand for analysts and practitioners at the intersection of privacy and technology.

~~ Master Degree in Technology and Security ~~
Technology is an increasingly important element of security policies and practices. Contemporary security practices are heavily reliant on sensory technologies such as video cameras and automated tools for data mining and tracking. There is a growing need for public policy on security to take into account questions of technology, particularly relating to how policies can be democratically designed, how technologies can be designed to account for their societal impacts, and how security policy can reflect a society in which interaction increasingly takes place online and through the treatment of personal data.

~~ What we offer ~~
Rigorous training in theory, policy and practice aimed at academics and professionals seeking to improve their knowledge of issues related to technology, security and privacy. The modules offered in these programs cover issues ranging from the social science perspective on surveillance and legal aspects of privacy and data protection, to practical training for security policy-making and privacy governance. These masters programs therefore respond to the need of generating flexible talent, able to meet current evolving security and privacy challenges.

~~ Career opportunities ~~
Graduates in the Master on Technology and Privacy will be prepared to hold job positions as Privacy manager and Privacy policy analyst. This program specifically comes to meet the need for training arising from the proposed new European Data Protection Directive, which will make compulsory for all companies with more than 250 employees and for all public bodies to have a Data Privacy Officer (DPO), who must have a speciallised training.

Graduates in the Master on Technology and Security will be prepared to work as advisers in the field of technology and security at both public and private organisations. Students will be able to outline and enhance security projects according to the current legislation and will also be prepared to address key security issues in critical scenarios. They will be qualified to efficiently analyze and develop security policies. Practitioners in the field of security (policy-makers, LEA officers) will have the chance to advance their careers adapting them to the new technological developments.

~~ Teaching staff ~~
The Masters on Security Policy, Privacy and Technology have a faculty staff with both a long experience in teaching and research careers widely recognized. To implement these programmes, expert researchers on each field have been selected on each of the subjects taught, including Gloria González Fuster, Lisa Lucile Owens, Susan Maret, Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Hervé Falciani, Pete Fussey, Claudia Diaz, Alejandro Vélez, Whitney Iles, Mario Viola, Jose Manuel Pérez Marzabal, Diana Miranda, Cecilia Milesi, Jacqui Taylor…


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