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S&S new issue: Surveillance Texts & Textualism

Surveillance & Society –  the international journal of surveillance studies

Vol 11, No 3 (2013): Surveillance Texts & Textualism: Truthtelling and Trustmaking in an Uncertain World

A theme issue from The University of Sydney’s Surveillance and Everyday Life Research Group

The Guest Editorial Committee

  • Gavin Smith, Department of Sociology, The Australian National University
  • Peter Marks, Department of English, The University of Sydney
  • Harriet Westcott, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, The University of Sydney
  • Mehera San Roque, School of Law, The University of New South Wales
  • Stephen Robertson, Department of History, The University of Sydney

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Journal: Privacy and New Technologies

Novativa, the oldes computing journal in Spain, has published a special English edition on Privacy and New Technologies (a 2012/2013 annual selection of articles).

Among the authors are quite a few membes of the Surveillance Studies Network.

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cfp: The Practice of Surveillance in the Arab World

Special Issue of Omran, Autumn 2013

Omran, a quarterly refereed journal of the social sciences and humanities which is published in Arabic by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha, Qatar, invites submissions of scholarly papers to a special issue whose focus is the practice of surveillance in the Arab world.

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cfp: Open Data

Journal of Community Informatics:
Call for Papers for Special issue on Open Data

Guest editors:  Tim Davies, Practical Participation and Zainab Bawa, CIS-RAW fello

Deadline for abstracts: 31st March 2011
Deadline for complete paper submissions: 15th September 2011
Publication date is forthcoming

Call for Proposals

The Journal of Community Informatics is a focal point for the communication of research that is of interest to a global network of academics, Community Informatics practitioners and national and multi-lateral policy makers.

We invite submission of original, unpublished articles for a forthcoming special edition of the Journal that will focus on Open Data. We welcome research articles, case studies and notes from the field. All research articles will be double blind peer-reviewed. Insights and analytical perspectives from practitioners and policy makers in the form of notes from the field or case studies are also encouraged. These will not be peer-reviewed.

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cfp: Social and Behavioural Implications of Location Services

This special issue in the Journal of Location Based Services is guest edited by Katina Michael from the University of Wollongong and MG Michael, Australia.
Broadly the issue looks for original empirical work in the following subject areas: Mobility, Monitoring, Tracking, Surveillance, Sousveillance, Uberveillance, Ubiquity, Public Space vs. Private Space, Human Activity Reporting, GPS Navigation, Location Data Loggers, RFID, RFID Implants, Obtrusive Technology, Unobtrusive Technology, GIS, 3G Smart Phones, Applications, Service Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, Location Based Social Networking, Travel Mates, Tourism, Pervasive Health Monitoring, Alzheimer’s Disease- Wander Alerts, ANPR, Social Implications, Privacy, Information Privacy, Locational Privacy, Trust, Security, Intellectual Property, Data Collection, Disclosure, Behaviour al Implications, Human Factors, Relationships, Friends, Act of ‘unfriending’, Family, Strangers, Social Networks, Mental Health Issues, Virtual vs Physical World, Ethical Issues, Consent, Opt-in, Warrants, Attitudes, Perceptions, Scenarios, eObservation, Geotagging, Insurance, Law Enforcement, National Security, Emergencies.

The Author guidelines can be found here:

Submissions: 30th March 2011

Reviewer Decision: 1 June 2011

Final CRC: 15 July 2011

Publication: Year end 2011

Please submit your complete manuscript for consideration to

Out now: new issue of S&S

Surveillance & Society | the international journal of surveillance studies
Vol 8, No 1 | Open Issue

The first issue of our eighth volume is out now, with four particularly provocative pieces from Irus Braverman on automated public toilets, Samuel Nunn on the biases of police wiretap interpretation, Anthony Bolton Newkirk on fusion centres, and Stuart Waiton on the (anti-)politics of CCTV. Plus opinion and reviews.

Call for Papers “Surveillance in Latin America”

Chamada de Trabalhos “Vigilância na América Latina”
Convocatoria para trabajos “Vigilancia en América Latina”

[English – Portuguese and Spanish follow]

Call for papers to researchers with specific interest in Latin America, and authors/participants of the events “Surveillance in Latin America” that took place in Curitiba (Brazil) and Toluca (Mexico), in 2009 and 2010, respectively:

We would like to invite you to attend the call for papers for a special issue of the journal Surveillance & Society ( that will have the same theme as the events in Curitiba ( and Toluca (, that is, “SURVEILLANCE IN LATIN AMERICA”.

This call will be open to everyone interested in surveillance in Latin America. However, papers submitted and presented in both events can be integrally re-submitted to S&S in bilingual versions (Portuguese+English OR Spanish+English). We suggest that they be revised and updated.

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Surveillance & Society in the news

The research by Mike McCahill and Rachel Finn on surveillance in schools, published in the lastested edition of Surveillance and Society, was reported in the the UKs Daily Telegraph newspaper on July 7th 2010.

The full article can be read here: The Social impact of Surveillance in Three UK Schools: Angels, Devils and Teen Mums

New Issue Out Now! Surveillance, Children and Childhood

Volume 7  | Number 3/4
edited by Valerie Steeves and Owain Jones

featuring 9 great articles…

  • Gary Marx and Valerie Steeves – ‘From the Beginning: Children as Subjects and Agents of Surveillance’
  • Angie C Henderson, Sandra M Harmon and Jeffrey Houser – ‘A New State of Surveillance? An Application of Michel Foucault to Modern Motherhood’
  • Anna Sparrman and Anne-Li Lindgren – ‘Visual documentation as a normalizing practice: a new discourse of visibility in preschool’
  • Micheal Gallagher – ‘Are schools panoptic?’
  • Mike McCahill and Rachel Finn – ‘The Social impact of Surveillance in Three UK Schools: Angels, Devils and Teen Mums’
  • Ian McIntosh, Samantha Punch, Nika Dorrer and Ruth Emond – ‘”You don’t have to be watched to make your toast”: Surveillance and Food Practices within Residential Care’
  • Lynne Wrennall – ‘Surveillance and Child Protection: De-mystifying the Trojan Horse’
  • Craig Osmond – ‘Anti-social behaviour and its surveillant inter-assemblage’
  • Tonya Rooney     – ‘Trusting Children: How do surveillance technologies alter a child’s experience of trust, risk and responsibility?’

and more…

New issue S&S: Surveillance, Performance and New Media Art

Surveillance & Society

Vol 7, No 2 (2010) Surveillance, Performance and New Media Art
edited by John McGrath and Bob Sweeny

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