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Call for Papers: Surveillance and Empowerment

Special Issue of Surveillance & Society: Issue 8(3)
Guest editors: Torin Monahan, David Murakami Wood, and David J. Phillips

Publication date: end of October 2010
Deadline for submissions: March 31st 2010

This issue of Surveillance & Society is seeking papers and other submissions that examine the social implications of contemporary surveillance with a particular interest in the complexities of empowerment. In the surveillance studies literature, there have been significant contributions unsocial sorting, digital discrimination, privacy invasion, racial profiling, sexual harassment, and other mechanisms of unequal treatment. In contradistinction, this issue seeks to explore the potential of surveillance for individual autonomy and dignity, fairness and due process, community cooperation and empowerment, and social equality. Key to this inquiry will be questioning the extent to which surveillance can be designed, employed, and regulated to contribute to democratic practices and/or the social good.

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New Issue S & S: Volume 7 Number 1

Open Issue, vol. 7, no.1 OUT NOW!

  • Keith Guzik – Discrimination by Design: Data Mining in the United States’s ‘War on Terrorism’
  • Shelly Ikebuchi Ketchell – Carceral Ambivalence: Japanese Canadian ‘Internment’ and the Sugar Beet Programme during World War II
  • Nicholas Holm – Watching the Paranoid: Conspiracy Theorizing Surveillance
  • Christopher Gad & Peter Lauritsen – Situated Surveillance: an ethnographic study of fisheries inspection in Denmark
  • Patrick O’Byrne & Dave Holmes – Public Health STI/HIV Surveillance: Exploring the Society of Control


A video piece by Jan J Knoetze, Brent Meistre – Interrogating Surveillance: The 50 Minute Hour
Responses to previous articles by Sean P. Hier & Josh Greenberg and David Murakami Wood
and Book Reviews by Rodrigo Jose Firmino & Fabio Duarte, Ariane Ellerbrok, Patrick Feng, Jason Pridmore and Tarangini Sriraman

SSN Annual Paper Prizes

SSN will award up to 4 prizes of £100 each for papers that demonstrate exceptional promise in Surveillance Studies.

See here for rules and details.

cfp: Surveillance, Marketing and Consumption

Special Issue of Surveillance & Society (Volume 8, Number 2)

Guest edited by Jason Pridmore and Detlev Zwick

All papers must be submitted through the online submission system at no later than February 28th, 2010.


This special edition of Surveillance & Society seeks to explore the myriad of ways in which consumers, consumption and market spaces have become subject to, and sites for the development and intensification of, practices of surveillance.

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New Issue S & S: Gender, Sexuality and Surveillance

Vol 6, No 4 (2009): Gender, Sexuality and Surveillance
Edited by Kirstie S Ball, David J Phillips, Nicola Green, and Hille Koskela

Featuring articles by…

  • Toby Beauchamp – Artful Concealment and Strategic Visibility: Transgender Bodies and U.S. State Surveillance After 9/11
  • Kevin Walby – Ottawa’s National Capital Commission Conservation Officers and the Policing of Public Park Sex
  • Kathryn Conrad – Surveillance, Gender, and the Virtual Body in the Information Age
  • Anthony Corones & Susan Hardy – En-Gendered Surveillance: Women on the Edge of a Watched Cervix

– a piece of experimental writing by Brian Beaton – Random Digit Darling: The Telephone Turn in the American Social and Behavioral Sciences

– a response to the review section in issue 6(3) on the UK House of Lords surveillance report by Charles D. Raab, Benjamin J. Goold – Putting Surveillance on the Political Agenda: A Short Defence of Surveillance, Citizens and the State

– and our usual reviews of all the books that matter in surveillance studies.

Coming soon: New calls for papers: Surveillance & Empowerment; Consumer Surveillance; and the first call for our 2010 Conference in London.

New issue S&S: Surveillance and Resistance

New Issue Out Now: 6(3) Surveillance and Resistance guest edited by Laura Huey and Luis A. Fernandez.

Featuring great new articles…

  • David Bell – Surveillance is Sexy
  • Aaron K. Martin, Rosamunde E. van Brakel and Daniel J. Bernhard – Understanding resistance to digital surveillance: Towards a multi-disciplinary, multi-actor framework
  • Lucas D. Introna and Amy Gibbons – Networks and Resistance: Investigating online advocacy networks as a modality for resisting state surveillance
  • Helen Wells and David Wills – Individualism and Identity Resistance to Speed Cameras in the UK
  • Andrés Sanchez – Facebook Feeding Frenzy: Resistance-through-Distance and Resistance-through-Persistence in the Societied Network

With a special Review section on the UK House of Lords Constitution Committee Report, ‘Surveillance, Citizens and the State’, with responses by Oscar H. Gandy Jr. , N. Katherine Hayles, Katja Franko Aas and Mark Andrejevic

Opinion from Gary T. Marx , and a poem from Rez Noir

…and lots of book reviews!

New Issue of Surveillance & Society

New Issue Out Now! Health, Medicine and Surveillance
– (edited by Sarah Earle, Pam Foley, Carol Komaromy, and Cathy E. Lloyd)

Featuring articles by:
– Martin A. French – Woven of War-Time Fabrics: The globalization of public health surveillance
– Susanne Bauer, Jan Eric Olsén – Observing the Others, Watching Over Oneself: Themes of medical surveillance in post-panoptic society
– Sarah Weibe – Producing Bodies and Borders: A review of immigrant medical examinations in Canada
– Cheryl Day – Does my bum look big in this? Reconsidering anorexia nervosa within the cultural context of 20th century Australia
– Mebbie Bell – ‘@ the doctor’s office’: Pro-anorexia and the medical gaze
– Emma Rich and Andy Miah – Prothetic Surveillance: The medical governance of healthy bodies in cyberspace

and lots of book reviews…

Coming Next Month:

– Special Issue on Surveillance and Resistance

Plus: check out our current calls for papers:
– Performance, New Media & Surveillance
– Surveillance, Childhood and Children

Surveillance & Society Relaunch!

The new issue of our journal, Surveillance & Society, is out now, and the new website is working (and has been featured by the designers of the Open Journal system which the site uses). We are still transfering all of the back issues, but the format is all correct…

6.1 Relaunch Issue: Revisiting Video Surveillance

New papers from Chris Williams, William Webster, Francisco Klauser, Dietmar Kammerer and Jeremy Douglas, insightful comment from Mike Nellis, a police surveillance film from 1935, and loads of book reviews.

Fortcoming issues:

  • 6.2 Surveillance and Medicine (end of February)
  • 6.3 Gender, Sexuality and Surveillance (March/April)
  • 6.4 Surveillance and Resistance (June)
  • 7.1 Open Issue (September)
  • 7.2 Performance. New Media and Surveillance (November/December)
  • 7.3 Surveillance, Children and Childhood (January 2010)

Calls for Papers:

1. Surveillance, Children and Childhood (ed. Owain Jones and Val Steeves) – deadline August 31st 2009 (separate message to follow).
2. Performance, New Media and Surveillance (ed. John McGrath and Bill Sweeney) – deadline March 30th 2009.

Check the Announcements section of the website for details. As always, we have an open call for submissions on anything related to surveillance. And if you’re a postgrad or an early career researcher, you can even qualify for our new prizes! We also have a new video stream to handle films and slideshows.

Got a great idea for an issue? Any other questions? Get in touch. Contact our Editorial Assistant: Emily Smith

Do you have a book that would be of interest to S&S readers, or want to review for us? Contact our Book Review Editor: Kevin Haggerty

…and we are still completely free of any charges for publication or access. So don’t forget to Join SSN, which is how we get all our funding)

Dr David Murakami Wood
Managing Editor | Surveillance & Society

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