cfp. Surveillance and the Global Turn to Authoritarianism

Call for Contributions: Surveillance and the Global Turn to Authoritarianis

A special responsive issue of Surveillance & Society

Responsive issues are a new initiative by Surveillance & Society to deal with urgent current global priorities and transformations. They will present a larger number and range of contributions than for a typical issue but much shorter (around 2500 words), more current and polemical, and written to a tighter deadline. The idea is that the issue will serve as a concise guide to a particular debate or development.

This issue of Surveillance & Society calls for short contributions from scholars analyzing surveillance, security and human rights in countries around the world, which have turned, or are turning, to more authoritarian government, or are seeing the rise of authoritarian and right-populist parties and movements

In particular we would like contributions from and/or on, but certainly not limited to: Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, the UK, the USA, and Venezuela.

We would also welcome theoretical and thematic interventions that deal with issues common to this turn to authoritarian government, including borders, nationality, nostalgia, fear, migration, gender, race, sexuality and class. We particularly encourage intersectional and critical approaches to such issues, as well as contributions that challenge the theme and assumptions of the issue.

Submissions will be considered in a two-stage review process.

1. In the first instance, we invite proposals in the following format

  • Name(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Contact e-mail
  • Country or Theme to be covered
  • Brief abstract (150 words)

The deadline for proposals is February 28th 2017 to

The editors will then generally select one proposal per country (there may be exceptions for proposals which cover different aspects of a particular country) and thematic contributions, and get back to the chosen authors by March 7th.

2. Selected contributors should deliver papers of around 2,500 words by April 30th 2017.

These should be uploaded to the website as any normal submission. See here:

Papers will be mutually reviewed by another author in the same issue, so authors will be expected to review one other paper from the issue. This process will be complete by May 31st 2017.

Issue publication:  June 2017.

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