Call for Creative Submissions

Surveillance & Society has two new sections dedicated to artistic engagements with surveillance. Both “Artistic Presentations” and “Art Review” seek to highlight the ways in which broadly defined notions of creative practices not only reflect, but also produce, modes of thinking about themes and issues related to surveillance. Please see the description of the sections below, and feel free to circulate widely. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me at if you have any questions or require further information.

Artistic Presentations

Surveillance & Society encourages submissions that make use of the possibilities offered by the electronic medium. We therefore welcome creative engagements with surveillance in the form of photography, video, multimedia, hypertext prose/poetry, codework, etc.

However please note that we cannot act as curators, and would generally expect only prepared pieces that have not previously been available online or in this form, with any accompanying explanatory text and guidance for the viewer / reader to be provided or arranged for by the creator(s).

Please contact the Arts Editor ( if you wish to submit such a piece.

Art Review

Surveillance & Society is dedicated to art and creative practice as unique and productive ways to engage with topics related to surveillance. As such, the journal welcomes the inclusion of written reviews that critically address creative engagements with surveillance. In addition to soliciting work, we accept proposals for writing that could fit into the following three formats:

Art in Process
Published works about art primarily examine the piece after its completion. Here, we would like to include writing by artists about their process, the ways in which creative thinking, research, and production come together in the making of the artworks.

Art in Conversation
We encourage discussion pieces between artists, curators, and scholars discussing the state and place of art as a mode of surveillance address.

Artwork or Exhibition Review
Artwork or Exhibition Reviews should examine a contemporary creative work—either a single piece or a larger exhibition—in relation to the larger contexts of surveillance themes.

We also invite requests from artists or curators who would like to have their work reviewed. Please note that it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to reprint any included images.

In general, art review submissions should:

  • be no more than 2500 words in length (not including references);
  • otherwise follow the general author guidelines.
  • Please contact the Arts Editor ( if you wish to submit such a piece.

Surveillance & Society is aware of and sensitive to many people’s uncertain situations right now. If you are interested in submitting a visual or written piece, but unsure of what the commitment or timelines might be, please contact the Arts Editor for a discussion.