Winners: Early Career Researcher Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Surveillance Studies Network’s 2021 “Early Career Researcher Awards” for publications in Surveillance & Society. Congratulations to Audrey Amsellem, Matthew Archer, and Jade Hinchliffe. If you haven’t already read their pieces, follow the links to do so.

Amsellem, Audrey. 2021. The Noise of Silent Machines: A Case Study of LinkNYC. Surveillance & Society 19(2): 168-186.

Archer, Matthew. 2021. Imagining Impact in Global Supply Chains: Data-Driven Sustainability and the Production of Surveillable Space. Surveillance & Society 19(3): 282-298.

Hinchliffe, Jade. 2021. Speculative Fiction, Sociology, and Surveillance Studies: Towards a Methodology of the Surveillance Imaginary. Surveillance & Society 19(4): 414-424.

Congratulations to the winners!!!

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