cfp – Geographies of Surveillance

RGS-IBG Annual Conference,

31st August – 2nd September 2011

Organisers: Liz Mavroudi, Adam Warren and Lucy Budd, Loughborough University

Geographers have increasingly become interested in surveillance. In the light of increasing surveillance and infringement of privacy within public and private spaces, geographers have focused on surveillance in different places (Graham 2008; Adey, 2009; Budd and Adey 2009) as well as its impact on groups such as women (Koskela 2002) and on how bodies are monitored and   controlled at borders (Amoore 2006). Relationships between mobility and surveillance are also receiving attention (Wood and Graham 2007).Therefore, geographers have become concerned with how surveillance is changing over space and time and how it is affecting people’s lives, identities and practices in particular places. This session will take a broad view of surveillance and wishes to explore the critical role that geographers can play in research on surveillance.

Themes could include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • New spaces/forms of surveillance
  • Surveillance at different scales (e.g. state, regional, borders, residential areas and so forth)
  • Surveillance and mobility/migration
  • Active strategies to evade/manage surveillance
  • Surveillance and inclusion/exclusion

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