Programme: 5th biannual Surveillance and Society Conference

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The Fifth Biannual Surveillance and Society Conference Supported by The Surveillance Studies Network

Further details, including instructions on how to register, can be found at: – or revisit the call for papers.

Surveillance practice is future-oriented. Whether deployed by the state, the private sector or both, surveillance concerns itself, in part, with what is yet to come. These futures range from the prediction or
pre-emption of risk, danger, profit, population dynamics and consumption patterns, and the projection and protection of identities online, to the use of techniques to bring about geopolitical change. Throughout the history of surveillance practices, in key sites and at different scales across the world, multiple futures have been made possible and others have been lost. The regulation of surveillance, as well, has a future, as new surveillance techniques and practices challenge the rules and regulatory instruments of the past.

Keynote Presentations

  • The Cloudy Prospects for Surveillance Reform
    Eric Metcalfe, barrister at Monckton Chambers and formerly Director of Human Rights Policy at JUSTICE
  • Monitoring Beyond the Human
    Kevin D. Haggerty, Professor of Sociology and Criminology, University of Alberta Canad

Over fifty papers from 12 different countries including:

  • Andrew Adams: Meiji University, Japan
  • Kirstie Ball: Open University, UK
  • Stephen Graham: Newcastle University UK
  • Kevin Haggerty: University of Alberta, Canada
  • Hille Koskela: University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Steven Mann: University of Toronto, Canada
  • Mike McCahill: University of Hull, UK
  • David Phillips: University of Toronto, Canada
  • Winifred Poster: Washington University, St Louis, USA
  • Minas Samatas: University of Crete, Greece
  • Gavin Smith: University of Sydney, Australia
  • Valerie Steeves: University of Ottowa, Canada
  • Kristin Veel:University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jutta Weber: University of Paderborn, Germany

The University of Sheffield and Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield, UK 2 – 4 April 2012

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