cfp: The Practice of Surveillance in the Arab World

Special Issue of Omran, Autumn 2013

Omran, a quarterly refereed journal of the social sciences and humanities which is published in Arabic by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha, Qatar, invites submissions of scholarly papers to a special issue whose focus is the practice of surveillance in the Arab world.

The closest Arabic nuanced translation of surveillance is nizam al-muraqabah. By it we mean the gathering and recording of personal information, directly or indirectly, on individuals, groups and institutions for the purpose of influencing their conduct for positive or negative outcome. Surveillance is practiced by national and foreign governments and their agencies, international organizations, corporations, civic institutions, and individuals. Our main concern is the exercise of surveillance on individuals in their capacity as activists, citizens, consumers, travelers, and workers.

The planned journal issue will seek to explore the theoretical and empirical facets of surveillance practices and resistance to such practices, at the individual and group level.

The papers will appear in Arabic. However, the journal accepts English submissions which, if they are accepted, will be translated by the journal into Arabic. Interested authors are requested to send the editor a one-page abstract outlining their contribution. The length of the paper should be around 20 typed pages, including endnotes, or between 6000 to 8000 words.

Please send your abstract by April 30, and the final paper by the end of August 2013 to:

For further information consult the website or the editors:

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