About SSN

Surveillance Studies Network (SSN) is a registered charitable company dedicated to the study of surveillance in all its forms, and the free distribution of scholarly information.

We are registered in the UK, but welcome members and supporters from all over the world. We own and run the journal Surveillance and Society and also act as a clearing house for social science and policy research and consultancy about surveillance.

Read more about our Charitable Objects, our Structure and Governance or details in our Internal Governing Document.

Read the SSN introduction to the Surveillance Society

Charity reports


SSN would like to thank the following people and organizations:

The Milton Keynes branch of the National Council for Voluntary Organizations
The LawWorks for Community Groups scheme, especially:
– Aimi Friend at Simmonds and Simmonds Solicitors for the initial legal documentation
– Neil Brown at Vodafone Legal for drafting our Licensing agreements

Michael Wright Audio Visual Services for producing the DVD of our earlier media appearances
Keith Dixon, ex Open University Business School, who helped prepare the business plan
Russell-Cooke Solicitors Charity Team for their excellent newsletters and training network
Andrew Talbot who provided our membership software
Florian Kuhlmann who made the website work in the first place.

The background image is courtesy of Stefan Czerwinski and was made in 2013 in Ecuador.