UK Information Commissioner reports to Parliament on the state of surveillance based on an update report on developments since 2006 authored by SSN members. His report includes the SSN-authored ‘An Update to a report on the surveillance society’, on which it is based. read more

A Report on the Surveillance Society – Members of Surveillance Studies Network recently produced “A Report on the Surveillance Society”, for the UK Information Commissioner.
You can download:

For those interested, but not familiar with the subject, we wrote the SSN introduction to the Surveillance Society.

Surveillance and Society in the News
The research by Mike McCahill and Rachel Finn on surveillance in schools, published in Surveillance and Society, was reported in the the UKs Daily Telegraph newspaper on July 7th 2010. The full article can be read here: The Social impact of Surveillance in Three UK Schools: Angels, Devils and Teen Mums.


Activities and events

Surveillance Studies Network Annual Paper Prizes
SSN will award up to 4 prizes of £100 each for papers that demonstrate exceptional promise in Surveillance Studies. See here for rules and details.

SSN conference
2018, 7-9 June, Aarhus, Denmark, see some impressions here (behind the image)

Impressions from SSN 2018, Aarhus


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Impressions from SSN 2016, Barcelona


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Wake up:Log on – with the voices of SSN scholars, recorded 2014 in Barcelona

Sebastian Jansen Wake up:log on


Past activities and events

Surveillance Studies Network Global Scholar Award 2011
Every two years, the Surveillance Studies Network will award up to 3 bursaries of £500 (500 GBP) each for attendees of the Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar (SSSS) organised by the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada, from less developed or developing countries, who are in need of financial assistance. read more

SSN bi-annual conferences

  • 2022: Targets, Tracks and Traces – SSN 2022, Rotterdam
  • June 1-3 2022
  • 2018: Surveillance Beyond Borders and Boundaries, Aarhus 7-9 June 2018
  • 2016: Power, performance and trust”, Barcelona 20th-23rd April 2016
  • 2014: Surveillance: Ambiguities and Asymmetries, Barcelona 24th-26th April,
  • 2012: Watch This Space? Surveillance Futures, University of Sheffield (3-4 April), more
  • 2010: A Global Surveillance Society? City University London, UK (13-15 April), more
  • 2008: InVisibilities. The Politics, Practice and Experience of Surveillance in Everyday Life, University of Sheffield (2-3 April), more
  • 2006: Crime, Justice and Surveillance, University of Sheffield (5-6 April)
  • 2004: CCTV  and Social Control:  The Politics and Practice of Video-surveillance – European and Global Perspectives, University of Sheffield (8-9 January)
  • 2002. Cities as strategic sites. University of Manchester (Organised by Clive Norris and Steve Graham)
  • 2000: An event at the University of Hull in September 2000 entitled ‘Surveillance and Society’ organized by Clive Norris marked the beginning of the network.
    As a result of that conference the journal Surveillance and Society was formed.

Surveillance Studies Network Global Surveillance Studies Student Award
The Surveillance Studies Network will sponsor up to 2 PhD students from the global south to attend the Surveillance Project’s bi-annual Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar (SSSS).
See here for details and regulations.

The Everyday Life of SurveillanceESRC / Surveillance Studies Network Seminar Series
Funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), we are running a series of seminars in the UK called The Everyday Life of Surveillance, and are currently calling for early career researchers to be part of the core group – check here for details.

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